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Hello, internet.

I’m just getting this blog up and running, and I hope that it will be a good place for me to learn more about the tech I want to use. This blog is running octopress on heroku, and I’m generally interested in improving my Ruby and Rails expertise, getting better at bash, understanding git, and a ton of other advanced-beginner-level open source web development related lines of inquiry.

Below is a summary, notes to self, about how I got this thing up and running.

Today I successfully launched I followed the setup guide for a fresh octopress install, then used the deploying to heroku guide to get it on to a host. I then followed heroku’s custom domain guide to setup my main domain.

TODO ensure that,, and * redirect to make. I think I can use redirecting traffic to a specific domain to do so. # TODO: Move todo to a non-content location so it is not copied three times.

Then, after composing this post, I ran rake generate, mentioned in the blogging guide, to make the markdown into HTML. After that git add ., git commit -m ‘first post!’, and git push heroku master to upload it to the web.