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How Do I Keep Secrets While Sharing Code?

This week I’ve been working on a pretty simple Sinatra-based website which uses the twitter gem. I’m almost ready to post what I’ve got so far on github and heroku and see if anyone likes what I’ve made so far. But before I commit my code publicly, I want to ensure that my secrets are properly obfuscated. Below is a codeblock used to load secrets and keys into the application:

Correspondingly, below is the YAML which has the secrets, with my secrets stripped out:

This is a fine way to obfuscate my secrets, but only if I never include the secret in my repository, which I can do easily enough with .gitignore. But, I only want to exclude this from my viewable source, not from my deployed application, otherwise my app won’t run. Github’s help indicates that “Local per-repo rules can be added to the .git/info/exclude file in your repo,” but doesn’t indicate how this info needs to be formatted. The guides to .gitignore I have found have all directed me to a broken man page for more information, I think I need the help of a professional.

So the question is: how do I make committing this YAML file conditional? So I never accidentally upload it to github, but it always shows up on Heroku?