make better_mistakes

New Habits

This week I am going to set the goal of establishing two new habits, first I will post to the blog on Monday and Friday of every week. The Monday post will be about whatever my goals for the week are. The Friday post will be a review of how well I achieved my goals. The second goal is to read at least five chapters of my current development book, Rails 3 In Action.

Today I made it through the first chapter of Rails in Action, which was an overview of using rails with the scaffolding generator. Nothing too surprising, and near the end of the chapter my eyes started glazing over. Tomorrow’s chapter is about Unit::Test, RSpec, and Cucumber, Test Driven Development, all that. The writing is pretty good, Technical books have to strike a difficult balance in that their information to page count ratio must be high, but their tone shouldn’t be too dry, and if Rails in Action were a sandwich, it would have just the right amount of mustard.

Other things going on this week include packing and Christmas. My partner has sorted through all of her clothes and is giving away three quarters of them. Our rolling duffels will arrive in the mail tomorrow. We’re eleven days from flying out, and the limitations of international travel make me examine what I really need. Not a lot, it turns out.