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What Are You Planning to Do?

Yesterday an efriend direct messaged me: What are you planning to do since you didn’t get into Hungry Academy? Just curious.

Good question.

I would like to find a junior web dev position, but the path from here to there is not clear to me yet.

My partner and I are looking at going back to the States, the culture shock has been especially rough for her and we both miss our community in Seattle.

On my window above my desk I have a post-it I wrote to myself yesterday, as a contingency plan for not getting in.

If I don’t get into Hungry Academy:

This has two parts with actionable steps that begin to chip away at two problems exposed by the HA application. The first problem is I have mediocre interview skills and this means that I only get mediocre jobs. Interviews are rare events that have a significant impact on my future. Interviews are a game that I can increase my odds on, and I haven’t done a sufficient amount of work to get really good at answering questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” An immediate next step to get better at interviewing is to solicit feedback from LivingSocial.

The second problem is I am still learning to code, and it’s going slow. I can continue to work on my own through whichever resources strike my fancy, but that’s a plan for slow-moving disaster. There are a lot of things I can work on, but I don’t have the judgement to know which things will be best for me at this juncture. An immediate next step to lay down the groundwork to improve my coding skills are to find mentors. Steve and Matt have both been awesome efriends, and I hope I can establish some checkins with them to ensure I stay on the right track.

Hungry Academy will be seeking applicants again, and if I’m on the market when they are, I will apply.

I also want to attend Ruby conferences, but there’s the chicken-and-egg problem of not having enough money to travel because I’m unemployed, and thus not being able to make the connections which could lead to employment because I can’t justify travel.

It’s looking likely that we’ll be back in Seattle before the end of February, and I will be looking for work to support our household. I hope that I can find a part time position to allow me to continue learning web tech until I am more qualified for development roles.

TL;DR Keep trying, hope I don’t run out of money too quickly.