make better_mistakes

Realistic Goals

I’m a little disappointed in myself for not posting anything in the last month.

It’s been an exciting month too. My partner and I have returned to Seattle, and I’ve started working with mentors to establish myself as a web dev. I’ve been devoting time to studying an working on projects, and I’ve become a little more forgiving of myself if I fail to absorb all of the knowledge at once. In fact my primary goal at the moment is a simple and incremental one. I want to devote more time to working on projects and studying each week than I did the week before.

I think that is a realistic goal, because it assumes merely that I can do a little better than I did the week before, and I find it interesting that it is a relative goal as well. I had a realization a few weeks back when I was looking at a goal of reading a certain number of pages or working through a certain number of chapters. I found that I didn’t know what setbacks I would encounter, that it was difficult for me to estimate how much work I would be able to do in absolute terms, because there are always unforeseen roadblocks.

I can however, put in the time. So I’m going to try and work a little more every week and see what I can accomplish with a bit of incrementalism. I will eventually amend this goal to focus on increasing the quality of my work, but not until I’ve increased my weekly capacity from twenty hours of devoted work (which takes thirty to forty hours, I’m only counting the time my eyes are on the page or my brain and fingers are on the code) to about thirty hours a week. At that point I can be reduce certain less useful kinds of work but for now I just want to do better today than I did yesterday.