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The RSpec Book

The RSpec Book teaches how to build and refactor code using RSpec and Cucumber. I started it a few weeks ago, and set it down in preparing for my return to the States. I started it again last night and I’m glad that I was able to hook back in to the book even though I’d not looked at it or its code in more than two weeks. It is well written and approachable, written at a granular enough level that it is easy to set down for a while and not get lost when you pick it back up.

One thing that I am loving about The RSpec Book is that the chapters are short, and do a good job of guiding you through the process of building applications in a Behavior Driven Development style. Each chapter takes between twenty and forty minutes to complete, so even if your study time is constrained you can make some substantial progress.

At the moment I’m in the middle of the chapter “Refactoring with Confidence” in which the authors use a number of refactoring patterns outlined in Martin Fowler’s Refactoring. My roommate happens to have a copy, so I’ll be adding that to my reading pile and hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to start reading it soon. I am really enjoying the style of BDD, as its outside-in process helps me define the problem I want to solve, and guides me through the best ways to solve it.